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ACM Radio Noms

Radio nominees for the 56th ACM Awards are: 

National Personality:

  • Derek "Big D" Haskins, Sean "Bubba" Powell, Patrick Thomas and Jessica "Carsen" HumphrevilleBig D & Bubba
  • Cody AlanCMT After MidNite
  • Kix Brooks, American Country Countdown With Kix Brooks
  • Lorianne Crook and Charlie ChaseCrook & Chase Countdown
  • Paul Koffy, Jasmine Sadry and Josh JensenMorning Koffy

Major Market Personality:

  • Bill "Broadway" Bertschinger, Broadway, WDRQ/Detroit
  • Chris Carr, Kia Becht and McKaila Poppen, Chris Carr & Company, KEEY/Minneapolis
  • Lois Lewis, Double-L, KNIX/Phoenix
  • Rob Tanner, Catherine Lane and Chris Allen, Tanner In The Morning, WSOC/Charlotte
  • George Lindsay, Monica "Mo" Lunsford and "Cowboy Dave" Bayless, The Morning Bull, KILT/Houston

Large Market Personality:

  • Dave Gunderson and Deb Turpin, Dave & Deb, KSOP/Salt Lake City
  • Lexi Papadopoulos and Jared Banks, Lexi And Banks, KUBL/Salt Lake City
  • Mike Biddle, Mad Dawg, WQDR/Raleigh
  • Obie Diaz and Ashley Morrison, Obie & Ashley, WWKA/Orlando
  • Kelli Green and David Bugenske, The Wake Up Call, KFRG/Riverside

Medium Market Personality

  • Buzz Jackson, KIIM/Tucson
  • Geoff Emery, KUZZ/Bakersfield
  • Melissa "Mo" Wagner and Greg "StyckMan" Owens, Mo & StyckMan, WUSY/Chattanooga
  • Scott Wynn and Sarah Kay, Scott & Sarah In The Morning, WQMX/Akron
  • Steve Lundy and Gina Melton, Steve & Gina In The Morning, KXKT/Omaha

Small Market Personality:

  • Bill Barrett, Tim Fox and Tracy Berry, Barrett, Fox & Berry, KKNU/Eugene, OR
  • "Dr. Shane" Collins and Tess Connell, Dr. Shane And Tess In The Morning, WPAP/Panama City, FL
  • Erin Hart and Matt Sharp, Erin And Matt In The Morning, KATI/Jefferson City, MO
  • Steve Stroud, Ben Walker and Nikki Thomas, Steve, Ben And Nikki, WXBQ/Bristol, VA
  • Philip Gibbons, The Philip Gibbons Show, WGSQ/Cookeville, TN

Major Market Station:

  • KKBQ/Houston
  • KNIX/Phoenix
  • KSON/San Diego
  • WKLB/Boston
  • WXTU/Philadelphia

Large Market Station:

  • KSOP/Salt Lake City
  • KNCI/Sacramento
  • WDSY/Pittsburgh
  • WSIX/Nashville
  • WQDR/Raleigh

Medium Market Station:

  • KSKS/Fresno
  • KUZZ/Bakersfield
  • KXKT/Omaha
  • WHKO/Dayton
  • WIVK/Knoxville

Small Market Station:

  • KATI/Jefferson City, MO
  • KCLR/Columbia, MO
  • KKNU/Eugene, OR
  • WCOW/Sparta, WI
  • WXBQ/Bristol, VA