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Day Three: UMGN Explodes With Music
Listening Habits Are Changing
A Knight In Country’s Court




Undivide And Conquer

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard celebrate their new collaboration, "Undivided,” claiming the most added spot at Country radio. Pictured (first row, l-r) are BMLGR's Samantha Kane, Tracy Wilkinson, Bill Lubitz and Brooke Diaz and EM.Co’s Jack Purcell; (second row, l-r) BMLGR's JC Coffey and Kris Lamb, McGraw, BMLGR's Clay Hunnicutt and EM.Co’s Kelly Clague; (third row, l-r) EM.Co’s Scott Siman, BMLG's Scott Borchetta, Hubbard, EM.Co’s Jeff Davis and BMLG's Erik Powell; (last row, l-r) Full Stop Management’s Jeffrey Azoff and Irving Azoff, BMLGR's Nicole Hunt and Hit Farm Management’s Halie Hampton