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Life Note: Hayes

KFDI/Wichita morning host JJ Hayes gave an update on his hospitalized wife Michelle's battle with COVID-19 in a video posted to his Facebook page this morning. If all goes well, Michelle could be weaned off the ventilator in the next few days. Hayes is currently asymptomatic but in isolation due to testing positive for the virus. "Last week, the doctors told me that if she had to go on the ventilator, chances were that she would not come off," he tells Country Aircheck. "It was very gloomy outlook, but now she’s proving them wrong. I’m very proud of her ... she is the strongest person I know." Hayes posted a letter from Michelle to his page here last week, reading, "I will not let this take me down ... I’m going to make it through this, but keep those prayers coming please." Send well-wishes here.