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Laid Off? Now What?

WKHX/Atlanta morning co-host JJ Kincaid's primer for those laid off:

Another sad day in our industry. I posted this awhile back during another difficult day so many were going through. Should you find yourself no longer delivering the most compelling and engaging audio content, this is what I learned from my own experience early last year:

1. Take a breath. Lots of adrenaline still flowing. You’re also still processing what happened. Before you tell anyone what happened, accept that it really did.

2. Confide in loved ones. Your spouse, parents dog, and whomever you care about.

3. Immediate action required! I don’t know if you have savings set aside or got a little severance but start thinking about all the little things you’re paying for on a monthly basis. I was paying for five streaming services including YouTube Red that I was using mainly for work. Cancel that. Every little bit helps. Also eating at home was a huge cost savings. Look at your budget and plug any cash leaks while you try to live lean.

4. Your health. Cobra sucks. It’s expensive because your former employer doesn’t supplement it. But health insurance roulette is a dangerous game. If you have a couple weeks left of your current policy look into a cheaper band-aid plan if that makes sense for you and you don’t have any pre-existing conditions. My wife was very pregnant so we had to be on cobra which sucked!

5. Your mental health. Not gonna lie, it’s a mind f--- and a huge rejection being let go. But it’s not personal. You were the victim of a Microsoft excel calculation. They were lucky to have you and now they don’t. Good luck in your future endeavors former employer.

Think of all the B.S. you have endured over the years with a former bad boss or toxic work situation you may have been in. Now smile. It’s done! You don’t have to go back.

6. The future. Don’t isolate yourself. The way most people in radio get jobs is word of mouth. Reach out to industry friends and network. Get your demo and website updated. Don’t have any current audio? Bribe a former coworker in pulling it for you. Don’t have a former coworker but can get into your former employer’s skimmer because no one changed the password? Um......

7. Is this what you really want anymore? Maybe you’ve had it. You’re done. That’s fine. Think about what it is outside of the business that fulfills you. No lie. I was days away from interviewing at Costco because I love that place. There’s no shame in doing anything you love it you can make a living.

8. It’s on Netflix. But watch Up In The Air today. “Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it's because they sat there that they were able to do it.”

It’ll take time, but this could very well the best thing that has ever happened to you. Please try to be positive. You are more than your former job.

I’m here if you need to talk. 214-883-8677.

All the best,