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CRS Research Presentation Plays The Game

One CRS 2020 attendee likened Thursday morning's research presentation to television's The Newlywed Game as Mark Ramsey posted slides showing PD responses to questions about audience preference, then overlaid actual listener response. The disparities were surprising and, eventually, humorous because of the continuing divergence between the two views of radio. At the core of Ramsey's finding was the definition of the word "radio," with listeners having a much more expansive of view. Because of that, listeners think they spend more time with radio, while programmers view radio usage as declining. In his most controversial finding, Ramsey asserted that being local is not an advantage for radio. "Why does your address matter to listeners?" he asked. Instead, he urged programmers to offer value, noting that less than great talent is a hindrance and consumers are most interested in music from music stations. Look for a full recap in tomorrow's CRS Daily Buzz.