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iHeart Departures Day Two

As Country Aircheck reported earlier today, confirmed station layoffs in iHeartMedia's restructuring (see the full story here and yesterday's full list here) continue to roll in – see below – as staffers continue to be notified today. Those wishing for their personal contact info to be included can send an email here

  • KEEY/Minneapolis APD Levi Jessen, with the company since 1999, is available here.
  • Detroit-based Regional SVP/Sales Jeff Luckoff, who has been with the company for 18 years, can be reached here.
  • WAMZ/Louisville afternoon co-host Amy Nic, who crossed the street from Summit Classic Hits WSFR in 2015 (CAT 6/17/15), is reachable here.
  • WBBS/Syracuse on-air personality Daryl Thomas Ledyard, with the company since 2004, is available here.
  • WTWF/Erie, PA midday host Carrie Leigh can be reached here.
  • WKNN/Biloxi, MS on-air/community relations coordinator Sherri Marengo, with the company since 1999, is available here.
  • WBCT/Grand Rapids, MI weekend host Christian "CHoff" Hoffer is reachable here.
  • St. Louis SVPP Jules Riley, who has been with the company since 2016 (CAT 11/8/16), can be reached here.
  • Ft. Collins, CO SVPP Eddie Haskell, who joined the company in 2018 (CAT 8/6/18), can be reached here.
  • Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FL SVPP Dan Mason can be reached here
  • WBWL/Boston PD Ginny Rogers Brophey, who has been with the station since 2018 (CAT 5/1/18), can be reached here.
  • KAGG/Bryan, TX PD/midday host Lee France, who segued from the company's Waco, TX cluster in 2015 (CAT 6/23/15), can be contacted here.
  • WHOF-HD2/Canton, OH PD/on-air talent Scott Davidson, with the company since 2013, can be reached here.
  • Tampa Dir./Creative Services Carl Harris, with the cluster since 1997, is reachable here.
  • Louisville Dir./Production Mark Stahr, with the company for 24 years, is now reachable here
  • Wilmington-Dover, DE Engineer/Producer/on-air talent Adam Diaz, who joined last year, is here.
  • WEBG/Chicago night host Trace Hamilton (CAT 2/5/19) is here
  • WESC/Greenville, SC on-air talent Lizz Ryals, with the company 17 years, is here
  • KXXY/Oklahoma City on-air talent Shawn Carey, with the station since 2013, is here
  • KBMR/Bismark, ND morning host Bill Hickok has been with the station since 2002 and can be reached here.

Also confirmed to have departed: Albany, NY SVPP Randy McCarten and Dir./Production Dan "Duke" MussmanKTST/Oklahoma City midday personality Kathi Yeager, with the station since 2004; WTWF/Erie, PA PD Chuck Rambaldo and morning host Sammy Stone; WQRB/Eau Claire, WI morning co-host "Donuts," with the station for more than three decades; WKSF/Asheville, NC morning co-host Sharon Green, who joined the company in 2003; WNOE/New Orleans afternoon personality Mary Steele; and WNBL/Rochester, NY midday host JP Hastings, who has been with the cluster for 14 years.