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Brian Pierce To Retire

Mid-West Family WUSW/Springfield, IL morning personality Brian Pierce will retire July 26 after 45 years in radio. Pierce's Country radio résumé also includes KFDI/Wichita where he co-hosted mornings with wife Kellie Michaels as part of their 25-year partnership. The duo were honored with CMA's Medium Market Personality of the Year award in 2011. They joined WUSW in 2015 (CAT 9/8/15), and Michaels stepped away from radio in 2017 (CAT 8/8/17). "I couldn't imagine doing anything else for a living, and I've been fortunate to do what I love across the country and back here in my hometown," says Pierce. "But, now it's time to stop getting up at 2:30 in the morning." Reach Pierce here. No word on plans for the position, though the station has had a posting seeking a generic on-air announcer since May. PD Chris Murphy is accepting résumés and airchecks here.