KWOF, KWBL Conspire In Denver

Country listeners to KSE's soon-to-be-Sports KWOF (92.5 The Wolf)/Denver are being directed to crosstown competitor (for now) KWBL ahead of the pending flip (CAT 9/6). Imaging currently airing between each song alerts listeners that "we are moving all our country music to another spot on the radio dial." A call to action then instructs, "Check us out now at 106.7 The Bull." KWBL is iHeartMedia's crosstown property, of course, and the voice behind the imaging is none other than 'WBL's B-Dub. Hear it here. "Our partnership with KSE has been building over the last decade as they have been buying advertising from us to promote their sports teams and TV property," says iHeartMedia Region SVPP JoJo Turnbeaugh. "We just did the exact same thing to promote 106-7 The Bull."