Gentle On Our Minds: Remembering Glen Campbell

The late Country Music Hall of Famer Glen Campbell is the subject of an expansive New York Times obituary, among an outpouring of memories and grief. None more poignant than that of his "brother in music" Jimmy Webb, whose tribute surely deserves a full read here. Below is a cross-section of the kind words and remembrances shared since Campbell's passing. Click here for more.

  • "What I was always struck by ... was how heavily the guitar became this third way he entertained. He was great at talking to audiences. He was so charismatic .... And he was such a singer. That voice was so velvet." –Brad Paisley to Chris Willman in Variety
  • "He pulled people in from both sides. It was a great thing for country music, and frankly, for pop music." –Charlie Daniels
  • "Glen was a dear friend to me. One of the best. Let the Lord be with him to rest his soul and to comfort his family." –Jerry Lee Lewis
  • "Glen was a good friend with a great sense of humor. I remember once being backstage putting on a camel costume to go on and sing 'Ahab the Arab' and he showed up and said, 'Well, it's come to this has it?'" –Ray Stevens
  • "Glen Campbell was one of the first to parlay country music into mainstream television and broaden the entire country music fan base across the globe." –Billy Ray Cyrus
  • "The loss is too big to put into words." –Roy Clark
  • "Glen Campbell was an iconic American artist and fellow Arkansan. His legacy will be his great talent and how he decided to live with Alzheimer's." –Bill Clinton
  • "I love Glen for so many reasons, but above all, for his humanity." –Keith Urban
  • "I am full of grief. I am writing because I think you deserve some sort of message from me but I am too upset to write very well or at any great length." –Jimmy Webb