Innovation Awards Radio Nominees

Radio nominees for the inaugural The Innovation in Music Awards are: 

  • Major Market: Mark Anderson, WDSY/Pittsburgh; Johnny Chiang, KKBQ/Houston; Lauren MacLeash, KMNB/Minneapolis; Tim Roberts, WYCD/Detroit; Gregg Swedberg, KEEY/Minneapolis.
  • Medium Market: Bev Rainey, KBQI/Albuquerque; Jon Reilly, WKLI/Albany, NY; John Thomas, WRNX/Springfield, MA; Sue Wilson, WQMX/Akron.
  • Small Market: Scott Donato, WGTY/York; Kory James, KPLM/Palm Springs; Rik McNeil, KJUG/Visalia, CA; Dave Michaels, WQHK/Ft. Wayne.

The awards are designed to recognize individuals who encourage airplay for new artists and promote live local music. Additional categories will be Innovator of the Year, Music Industry Executive, Artist Innovation, Live/Touring, Digital Broadcast and National Broadcast. Winners will be honored at the Westin Nashville Hotel June 6. Details here.