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Cumulus Goes Country In NYC:

Cumulus' WRXP/New York flipped to Country this morning at 9:47 ET as "Nash FM 94-7," ending months of speculation as to what format would populate the frequency, acquired from Family Radio in October. Billed as "the world's biggest Country station," Nash FM opened with Randy Houser's "How Country Feels" and is touting the slogan "Country For Life" on its website.

Earlier this month, the former owner's WFME calls were replaced by longtime NYC market calls WRXP. Since Jan. 11, Cumulus's Hot AC sister WPLJ had been simulcast on 'RXP's 94.7. That was replaced Friday (1/18) by a "Wheel of Formats" stunt and teases about a permanent format announcement today.

The flip to Country marks the format's full-signal return to the Big Apple 17 years after WYNY shuttered the format following a 10-year run. Three smaller FM suburban stations trimulcast from 1996-2002, also as WYNY. The storied WHN-AM was Country from 1973-1987 before becoming the nation's first-ever all-Sports formatted station, now known as WFAN-AM.

View the station's website and hear New York's new Country station here.