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Tropical Storm Barry

iHeartMedia WNOE/New Orleans PD Ashley Wilson checked in with Country Aircheck today (7/10) as flood waters continue to rise in the Crescent City. While there is no current mandatory evacuation, the iHeart/New Orleans building itself has been evacuated due to a leaking roof. Wilson says Country sister WYNK/Baton Rouge APD/MD Austin James is on-air for WNOE currently. "We will continue to broadcast emergency information, even if we cannot broadcast from our own building," says Wilson. Severe storms triggered flash flooding across the city, and a tornado warning was issued this afternoon, according to CNN. Additionally, Tropical Storm Barry is continuing to gather strength over the Gulf of Mexico with additional rainfall predicted for the area in coming days.

Cumulus WRKN/New Orleans PD Paul Cannell says that there are three staffers in their building today. "I walked through two feet of water in downtown New Orleans to get here," says Cannell. WRKN plans to evacuate all non-essential personnel should the storm be escalated to hurricane status or pending catastrophic flooding in the forecast. "Five or six of us will always be here to man the fort," notes Cannell.