Curb/Word Ups Four

Four executives have been promoted as Curb Chairman Mike Curb announces the formation of Curb/Word Entertainment. Benson Curb rises to SVP/Revenue & Marketing, Jeff Tuerff is SVP/Marketing and Ryan Dokke is up to SVP/Promotion. They jointly oversee the 12-member marketing and promotion team of the combined country and Christian record companies. Concurrently, Bryan Stewart has been promoted to SVP/A&R.

“Curb/Word Entertainment is a natural progression in the evolution of these two vibrant entities, allowing us to share our core marketing and promotion resources to benefit all artists on our combined rosters,” Mike Curb says. Adds Curb/Word CEO Jim Ed Norman, "We’ve witnessed dramatic changes in the entertainment industry over the last decade. Benson, Bryan, Jeff and Ryan have met these challenges with the necessary enthusiasm and understanding to successfully market music and artists to multiple genres. Bringing Curb and Word together will create opportunities for our artists that individual and separate companies can't."

Reach Benson Curb here, Dokke here, Stewart here and Tuerff here.